Terms & Conditions

Here in the company known as Crown Tours & Travel NZ Ltd trading as Crown Tours and shell be known as and referred to as “Crown Tours”. 

There is a risk in all forms of travel and Crown Tours does its very best to prevent any issues. By traveling or Purchasing and/or using Crown Tours you agree to the following terms and conditions also known as T&C.

Travel must commence on the day specified when the tour is purchased unless notified otherwise.

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars unless otherwise stated.

Child age is from 0-7 years old and passport verified.

Travel agent vouchers or website E-Tickets are not valid until confirmed by Crown Tours.

Cancellation policy: In the event, you have purchased a tour and subsequently wish to cancel it, Crown Tours may refund your booking at its sole discretion, in which event you will be charged a cancellation fee as follows:

a. 60 days prior to the date of the tour – 25% of your ticket plus any flights, booking fees and charges.

b. 45 days prior to the date of the tour – 50% of your ticket plus any flights, booking fees and charges.

c. 31 days or less will be charged 100% of the ticket.

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance at the time of booking in case of sickness or any other problem that might prevent you traveling, as well as giving you peace of mind whilst you are on tour.

Changes to reservations must be made at least 49 hours prior to departure. All reservations and changes must be made by contacting our reservations department.


You appreciate and acknowledge that the nature of this type of travel requires considerable flexibility and you should allow for alternatives. The itinerary provided for each trip is representative of the types of activities contemplated, but it is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events.

Change of itinerary

While we endeavour to operate all trips as described we reserve the right to change the trip itinerary. Please refer to our website before departure for the most recent updates to your itinerary.

before departure:  If we make a major change, we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before departure. The definition of a major change is deemed to be a change affecting at least one day in five of the itinerary. When a major change is made you may choose between accepting the change, obtaining a refund of money paid on the land portion of the trip only or accepting an alternative tour offered.

after departure:  We reserve the right to change an itinerary after departure due to local circumstances or events outside of our control.   In such emergency circumstances, the additional cost of any necessary itinerary alterations will be covered by you. Please note we are not responsible for any incidental expenses that may be incurred because of the change of itineraries such as visas, vaccinations or non-refundable flights.

Crown Tours reserves the right to vary any fares, routes, overnight stops, pricing, inclusions, accommodation operators, departure dates, times and locations without notice. Crown Tours reserve the right to substitute other vehicles in place of our own.

Crown Tours inclusions and advertised accommodation operators are not guaranteed and will be provided where possible.

Crown Tours will make every attempt to adhere to stated departure and arrival times but will not be liable for any failure to meet those times or for any cancellation or delay of other transport services.

Crown Tours shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind, including indirect or consequential loss or damage, arising directly or indirectly out of a cancellation or abandonment of, or delay to any trip, however, caused.

Crown Tours will not be liable for the sickness of, injury to, or death of, any passenger, or the loss of, or damage to, any personal effects, whether caused by Crown Tours’ negligence or otherwise. There is no travel insurance cover included in the price of a tour and Crown Tours recommends that you obtain travel insurance to cover any sickness, injury, or loss that may occur while you are traveling with Crown Tours.

You agree to indemnify Crown Tours against any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by Crown Tours, its officers, employees, agents or related companies because of any claim by any third party whose claim arises from your use of your ticket or your acts or omissions while traveling on any Crown Tours service.

Where the services of another operator are provided as part of the Crown Tours it is agreed and understood that Crown Tours has no responsibility whatsoever for any default of that operator.

These terms and conditions are governed by the law of New Zealand and you and Crown Tours agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand in any dispute. Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Crown Tours may, at any time and without notice, vary any of these terms and conditions or the Prices.

Claims & complaints

If you have a complaint about your trip please inform your group leader or our local representative at the time in order that they can attempt to rectify the matter. If satisfaction is not reached through these means, then any further complaint should be put in writing to us within 30 days of the end of the tour.

Crown Tours will not be liable for breach of, or any failure to perform its obligations under, these terms and conditions where such breach or failure is caused by anything beyond Crown Tours’ reasonable control.

Photos and marketing

You consent to us using images of you taken during the trip for advertising and promotional purposes in any medium we choose.  You grant us a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable licence to use such images for publicity and promotional purposes.

Site Copyright

The copyright on all original/custom artwork, maps, navigation elements, presentation methods and design elements included in our websites is held exclusively by Crown Tours & Travel NZ Ltd.
Copyright on selected photographic images is also held by Crown Tours & Travel NZ Ltd.

Photographic images are reproduced with the permission of Crown Tours & Travel NZ Ltd and the product and/or service providers represented on the website, or as shown where necessary to satisfy the copyright obligations associated with their electronic reproduction.

Where joint copyright is held over proprietary images, Crown Tours & Travel NZ Ltd reserves the right to pursue all copyright infringements on behalf of the primary copyright holder. Where the copyright for a photographic image is held exclusively by a third party under licence, Crown Tours & Travel NZ Ltd reserves the right to vigorously protect the copyright of those images on behalf 
of the third party.


The Customer agrees that the terms of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of New Zealand and any dispute shall be heard by the court of appropriate jurisdiction in New Zealand.



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